I never understand why spam still exist. It distracts people a lot and many of them go directly to trash bin without a glance. In short, no one likes SPAM.

It amazes me, that after so many years of the existence of internet, looking at how advance the technology is now, the web 3 with all its metaverse buzzwords, and yet nobody can come out with a truly effective way to stop unsolicited spam, once and for all.

I know there are spam filtering feature on the server side as well as on the email clients, but still, we all know it doesn’t really fix the problem.

I think it should be possible for us to have a single button we could press, that would remove the spam email as immediately as reporting it to a legal body and let us enjoy the rest of our life without receiving that same unsolicited email sent out by the same and related sender anymore.

With this, slowly but surely, we can completely stop all spams.

If someone can roll this solution out, there should be a quite big of an opportunity, in business.

Or has anyone started building it?

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