In the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic, it’s best to maintain social distancing and implementing work from home (WFH). Though this way of remote working is convenient now due to digital technology advancement, but working away from the office requires more commitment and professionalism. To ensure works and reports being submitted on time, it’s good to prepare necessary stuffs.

1. Internet Connection
One of the mandatory thing to have during work from home is a reliable internet network. Since almost all of your work is done online, inadequate internet networks can disrubt the workflow.

2. Laptop or Desktop Computer
It’s not an obligatory to have extremely fast laptop but it has to be able to perform your daily workload. However, if your work require graphic-intensive processing such as design, development or video editing, an ultra fast machine is the way to go.

3. Communication Application
Working from home requires additional technology-based communication tool. Fortunately, there have been a lot of applications and software available to support your work such as Slack, Zoom, Google Hangout and more.

In addition, chat application such as Whatsapp can also be used for your communication.

You also need to be always online during business hours so that the other colleagues can reach you conveniently.

4. Task Management Software
When working outside the office, it’s easy to miss out works and time. Be sure to write down your task on a timetable and complete your works right on time. When an issue come up, it’s definitely much easier to contact your co-workers during working hours rather than at night.

5. Arrange an Appropriate Space
A corner of your house or possibly, an isolated room is much convenient when it comes to working at home. You don’t want some people in the house to appear on the video call, do you? Or your kids playing and running here and there. Well, just get a room.

6. Stay Productive
To be more productive, create a positive work mood, for example by neatly dressed but still comfortable. Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, have your lunch on time and take a few minutes to rest during work. You’ll enjoy working much better this way.

After you’ve prepared the things above, you are now ready to work from home. Don’t forget to get yourself a security software, pay for your software license and of course your bills, so your work stays uninterrupted.

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