We all know at least one person who can instantly light up the room. That person is just naturally likable. We are not able to define what really makes him that way. It is not because he is successful, has a lots of money or dress in branded clothes. That person just need to walk in and everybody turns to him.

Don’t get jealous over that person and don’t ever blame him. He could be just born that way. But how if I tell you that we can also build ourselves to be that likable? Keep reading the following tips and be obviously likable too.

  1. Be honest
    This is the first tips. Being honest to everybody is one of the basic positive attitude. Though it sounds simple, but not everyone can do it. We are living in the world of lies. Don’t get affected by the world though. Let honesty be your middle name.
  2. Stay cool
    It’s not that definition of cool, but it is emotionally cool. Never sweat over the small things and never show your anger. I know it is sometimes very hard depending on the occasion but always try to cool yourself down.
  3. Always be a good listener
    Yes, try to listen more than talk. Let the conversation flow, maintain eye contact, keep a smiling face, nod and respond verbally and physically. Let the other person feels important.
  4. Don’t be a guru
    When it is your turn to speak, don’t offer advice and teach others how to do things, unless you’re asked. Because when you give advice without being asked, you are showing that you are smarter than the other person.
  5. Turn the spotlight to others
    Start telling people when they do well, in life, career or business. People likes being praised, but not too much. A simple “you are really good” or “I admire your success” are enough. They will feel more accomplished and more important. And they will love you for making them feel that way.
  6. Don’t practice selective communication
    We all know, some people don’t listen to someone beneath them. Likable people listen and talk to everyone. They are capable to make everyone feel special, regardless of career or social status.
  7. Be thoughtful to everyone
    Appreciate others, assist them when they need it and listen to them when they need us. Being thoughtful doesn’t require that much effort. Do something nice for everybody when you can.
  8. Pay it forward
    I remember there’s a movie with the title. A kid offer help to anyone needed without expecting returns. We can practice to give before receive. Never expect any returns. You will get it when the time comes. Just focus on what you can do to the society.
  9. Don’t act self-important
    Well, you are not important. We are not too. Treat everyone equally for that is how you become likable unintentionally.
  10. Choose your words.
    Your words reflect your attitude. Never use harsh words in conversation. Maintain your way of speech. It is always better to think before speaking. Stay enthusiast, happy and calm.
  11. Never discuss about others’ fail
    It is however sounds like gossip. Though everybody likes it, but we are disrespecting people by doing that. We never know what’s the story behind their fail. That person could have been doing far much effort in life than us. When you are gossiping someone, people might think you are talking behind their back too.
  12. Make fun of yourself
    Instead of making fun of others, we are better off make fun of ourselves. Do it once in awhile, let others laugh at you, but don’t dig out too much.

What do you think? They are not that difficult to do right? This list are just some tips to show you how to be exceptionally likable. If you have other tips, please share them in the comment box below.

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