Everybody wants to be rich. Living in a big house, driving expensive cars, wearing fancy clothes and enjoying fine dining. A luxurious lifestyle as it should be.

But wealth doesn’t come easy.

Everyone likes to be a millionaire, but not everyone is serious about it. Not everyone is willing to really put their efforts to chase their dreams.

Everyone loves to be a billionaire, but only a few people know how to become ones. They don’t understand what should they do to get rich.

Some people even gave up their dreams halfway because, for them, it was too hard to succeed.

Let me tell you a story.

There was a man, let’s call him Pat, who was very poor. He was so poor that he could only afford to eat just one meal a day.

Pat had a neighbor who was very rich, named Neil.

Looking and comparing his condition with the neighbor, Pat felt very unfair. Why is he not as rich as Neil?

Being depressed, Pat thought of giving up his life.

And just before he was about to end his life, a man appeared before him. The man tried to calm and stop him.

Pat began to cry. He asked the man why life had been so difficult for him. He had worked so hard but could not earn enough to feed himself.

Hearing Pat’s question, the man began to smile and asked what Pat wanted to make him continue living.

After a while, Pat came up with an answer. He wanted the rich neighbor to become poor. As poor as him. He was so sure that his neighbor can’t survive the hardship. It is the fairest answer that he could think of at the moment.

The mysterious man, who turned out to have magical powers, granted Pat’s wish by making Neil poor. But before leaving him, The man also granted each of them a mountain.

Both mountains are equally rich in coal that they could mine to start a new life.

Pat was very happy, thinking that he was finally so blessed. He was very sure that mining coal from the mountain should be easy, but not for Neil since he was not used to working hard physically.

How Do The Rich Get Rich?

Pat made a quick start. On the first day, he could mine a lot of coal. Much more coals than Neil. He sold the coals and earn quite a lot of cash. To complete the day, he spent all of his income on foods and groceries to feed himself and his family.

They enjoyed a big feast that night and everyone within the family is happy.

Neil, on the other hand, could not manage to do the job. Pat was right. He was not good at digging and mining.

At the end of the day, he could only earn a little that was actually not enough for him and the family.

Pat was so excited thinking that he would absolutely get far richer than Neil. And that was what a fair life should be. He should earn more because he works harder.

Pat woke up very early the next morning to start mining again. He couldn’t find Neil anywhere. He thought his used-to-be-rich neighbor must have given up the mountain since the job was too difficult for him.

But, a few minutes later, Neil showed up. He came with two other men who seemed to be physically strong.

After hearing some words from Neil, both men began to work. And since they were actually miners, they could mine three times the number of coals compared to Pat.

Neil sold the coals and paid his workers. He bought only enough foods and went home. He spent on nothing special and no big feast as well. That way, he could save most of his income that day.

On the third day, Neil came with two more miners making them four in total. They mined more and Neil earn more.

The number of men working for him just getting bigger each day. And soon after, they were able to finish mining the whole mountain.

Neil could complete the job and turn the coals to cash, much faster than Pat.

He later used the money to start another business besides making some investment, creating a bigger source of income and thus, making him richer than Pat, again.

Pat, that was still digging on the mountain then realize the mistake he made. He now understand why he was always poor and why the rich gets richer.

Pat then applied the principle and eventually, he became rich as well.

The story sums up the difference between the poor and the rich.

There’re some principles that only the rich know.

  • You can’t run a business by working alone.
  • You need a good team and employees to grow the business.
  • Work smart is better than work hard.
  • Don’t live a luxurious lifestyle, moreover when you’re in the process of building your wealth.
  • Always stand up again no matter how many times you fail.

I’d also like to add that:

  • The Poor are buying stuffs. Most of the time, they buy something because they want it, not because they need it. If you visit their house, you’ll find a lot of stuff from gadgets, decorations, kitchenware like plates, mugs, cups, and other things that basically unused. They would keep buying either using their hard-earn cash or through credit card loan.
  • The Middle Class is a bit better, but they keep buying liabilities like big houses, cars, boats, paintings without realizing that these are not assets. These liabilities will take money out instead of putting money in their pocket.
  • The Rich understand how to create and grow their wealth. They acquire assets. They know that assets like real estate, stocks, bonds or business investment can put money into their pocket.

It’s difficult to get rich but it‘s absolutely possible, even for the poor ones. As long as you follow the rules and don’t give up, the door to become a millionaire or even a billionaire is always open.

So, be serious to chase your dream and keep learning the best way to achieve success. And be sure you will stand on the top of the world one day.

I hope this story can inspire you.

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