Are you tired of working from 8 to 5? Or do you feel unsecured with your income now? But you don’t have that much saving to invest in business while maintaining your daily expenses. Here are 10 business ideas which require not much capital. They are small businesses which you can start at your home. Some of them require special skills though.

Online Shop or eCommerce
It is a popular online business nowadays. It doesn’t require too much resources and capital, depending what you are selling. You can try to get products to sell from wholesales but if you don’t want to use up that much of money, try dropshipping. Make deals with wholesalers that allow you to become their dropship reseller. When there are orders, they are willing to pack your orders and send them directly to customers.

Freelance Designer
You need design talent and skills to start this business, It does require very low budget though. Initially, you only need a computer with some required software to start with. Some websites you can find clients are and

Business Consultant
Offer services to help startup business, from market research, creating business plan and marketing strategy. Make sure to include your own business plan as portfolio to show your clients.

Computer Repair
Computer, including desktop, laptop or even mobile devices are being used widely now. You need to have the knowledge to start with. Services includes hardware repair, data backup and restore, software services, troubleshooting, etc. The wider your knowledge, the wider area of services you can provide.

Financial Consultant
Lots of people lack of knowledge to maintain their finance. This service has expansion possibilities. Services including financial management, asset management and investment.

Provide service in creating articles for business. It includes writing for product or service promotion. Some business require copywriting for their newspaper and magazine advertorial too. It requires journalistic skill.

Event Planning
First thing you need to do is prepare your marketing tools before networking with companies that might require your assistance. Some of these companies are bridals and marketing agencies.

Interior Decorator
Require interior design skills. Try to network with building contractors. New home owners usually require interior designer to make changes to their home sweet home. Find out what the client likes, how many people are living in the house, etc. A standard questionnaire is necessary to start the project.

Personal Trainer
Start by advertising your services in places where many people gather. Restaurant and community center can be good options. Since many people are using internet to find services, try to advertise online as well.

Wedding Planner
You need to stay updated with wedding trends. Dress styles, color trends and knowledge in culture are required. You also need to cooperate with local hotels and restaurants. Pay attention to every details since a wedding is your client’s big day. It happens only once in their life.

These are 10 home based small business ideas. Please let me know in comment box below if you have other ideas. Hope we can help our readers to start their entrepreneurship journey.

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  • March 23, 2017

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