Welcome to the Compact! A new section in our blog that summarize worth reading posts within the week. If you have any suggestion, let us know in the comment. Here is the list for the week.

1. How to write AI art prompts effectively

AI art has populated the social media. With beautiful 3D imageries, almost human-like, they are so eye-pleasing. Everyone is triggered to create ones for themselves. But how? Here are some prompts to get you started.

2. Want to get a job in AI, you better prepare now

The fast advancement of AI is continuing to impact people and business. It’s time for us to get prepared. But, how can we start? What should we do? Find out here.

3. 5 strategies to help you create engaging content for a niche industry

You could be a social media specialist or a content producer, but creating impactful content, especially for a niche industry is still going to be challenging. If you are looking for effective strategies, these tips could come in handy.

4. 9 content marketing skills you have to acquire in 2024

Since AI has continued to affect the content game, making it practically easier and faster for anyone to create content, this means we need to rely more on the skill to produce better result. Have a read on this post.

5. Your fintech marketing is not working as expected? Here are 5 reasons why

From payment processing to blockchain technology, stepping into fintech business is so tempting. However, starting up is probably not that challenging but raising it to a successful fintech require the whole marketing efforts. When everything is not going well, you might want to learn why and do this instead.

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