Are You Proud of Your Victory?

Life is one big pool of challenges. Difficulties came along the way. You cannot avoid them. You have to face and fight them instead. Sometimes you win but some other time, you lose. We are indeed not perfect. All we can do is to go through all hardness and try to win the battles.

It is okay to lose, as long as you learn something. But most of us can’t stand losing. Losing a fight feels like the world is ending. However, it is better to lose than to gain victory in vicious ways.

The problem with our society is we all want to win over anyone, especially winning over the ones in our circles. The ones that are close to ourselves. Much probably because humans are narcissitic creatures that have secret mission to stand obvious among others.

But most of us, either not realizing it or don’t want to acknowledge it, actually, we have mind and soul that can be used to nurture positive value. We have to harvest that from within.

In business, bad practises are everywhere. Take one example, you helped someone by investing your money, time and energy to collaborate with him in building his near-collapse business. When the business began to spark a little light, he started to have the intention to take over and keep it for himself.

Is he ashamed of it? I bet he is not. But do you think he will be proud of it when successfully acquire the business? You should have had the answer, be it yes or no. But for me, I won’t be proud of such victory.

Ideally, being successful is the result of building your life and business in a good way, elegantly. No cheating, no jealousy, throw away greed and practice honesty. Can you do all those? Probably not. No one can guarantee even on the state of his own self. Again, we are not perfect. But standing on the side of morality, let’s at least give them a try.

I may sound naive, but we all realize the world will be a better place when we all try to be better persons by the day.

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