There’s no business without management. But if you can manage effectively, your business will thrive. Nobody is born with management skill, but fortunately, it can be learned. I would rather categorized it as skill instead of talent, though some people has basic characteristic that allow them easier to learn.
If you are interested in management, do read on these six techniques to better manage your business.

1. Set your business goals
Every business has missions. It is essential to set goals in first place as it will help you know which to focus and prioritize. These goals must be specific, meaningful and understandable to anyone involved in the business, including employees.

2. Plan the business goals.
After setting goals, design them in a set of actionable plan. Goals without plan is just a theory without clear direction and they’re most likely fail to succeed.

Break them in some levels and set reasonable time to accomplish each steps. This will create the urgency to complete the goals in a timely manner. To make everyone enthusiastic to accomplish the plan, offer rewards to those who contribute in achieving each level.

3. Motivate Anyone.
Not everyone in the company are self motivated. You need to understand and learn how to motivate them. There are various ways to improve, but one main thing is by letting them emotionally happy to work in the company. Pay attention to each of them and appreciate what they say or suggest. Reward them when they’ve done a good job. You don’t need a big and expensive present, a small one is good enough. Sometimes, truthful words like “Thank you, You’ve done a great job”, are enough to make their day.

4. Build Great Teamwork.
For me, teamwork is essential to any business. It makes everyone works effectively and efficiently, resulting in fast and qualitative completion.

When I started working as a manager for a product distribution company, I began my first day with team meeting. It was a good time for self introduction and a good opportunity to learn about the people in my team. I also held a team meeting once in a week to let everyone share their work progress, problems and new ideas. I usually have them written down in a piece of paper and welcome everyone’s suggestions. The reasons behind this is I’d like to increase sense of teamwork.

5. Consistency in Behaviour and Decision Making
Consistency is the foundation of management. Contradictory business decisions and unstable manager behaviour will lead to bad working environment. Problems creep when a manager is unpredictable, with behaviour fluctuates like stock exchange. Supportive on one day and irritating on the next. Consistency in manager’s behaviour and decision making build trust and able to make employees feel secure about work and responsibility.

6. Employee Improvement
Your team is your main resource. They need to be empowered to produce better results. The ideal ways to accomplish this are by building characteristic and skills. Some companies send their employees to be trained in various courses, some build them in-house. You can schedule regular meeting. Everyone can bring up happening problems and find solutions together. This will let them share knowledge and tighten up the relation between team members at the same time.

Managing a business is not an exact science. It requires logic, emotional intelligence and furthermore, experience. You will make mistakes. In fact, even an outstanding manager won’t always get it right. The most important thing is you need to learn and improve capability all the time.

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