Smart homes are here — and they are here to stay. In fact many tout them to be the next big thing — but what is a smart home exactly? And how does it make our lives easier? 

In a smart home, various devices (like thermostat, light bulbs, and security system) are connected to the internet. As a result of which, they can be controlled from a smartphone or computer and communicate with each other. 

Improved home security is the biggest benefit of a smart home, according to 62% of Americans. The second-most important benefit is remote monitoring and control. 60% of people buy a smart home because they want the freedom to track, monitor, and control their devices from anywhere. 

A smart home can also help you save money and time. 45% of Amercians save around $1200 a year by using smart devices — while 57% get to enjoy roughly a week and a half of more free time per year. 

As time passes, smart products and appliances will become more common, maybe even the norm. Experts predict our future will resemble “The Jetsons” cartoon series, with smart devices all around us. 

At present locks and alarms are the most-used smart appliances. This makes perfect sense, since most people buy a smart home because it is safer than a conventional one. Other popular smart devices are light bulbs and carbon monoxide detectors. You can control all of these appliances remotely via an app on your mobile device or computer. 

Samsung is the market leader in the smart devices market, with a revenue of over $213 billion and products in more than 104 countries. Other names to watch out for in this niche are Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Schneider. 

Many expect smart homes to become as common as smart phones are today in  another 10 years time. However, rather than turning their present home into a smart home, most will like to purchase one with all the goodies preinstalled. 

What about you? Which option do you like better?  

Need more information on smart homes first? Well then, check out this infographic. It tells you the past, present and future of smart homes and much more.

Infographic: Interesting Stats and Facts on Smart Homes

Infographic by: Safe at Last.

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