You can’t afford low engagement on social media nowadays. Your audiences, your market, and customers are there. Getting seen is absolutely important.

But you may have noticed that it is getting harder to increase engagement on Instagram. Here are the reasons if you haven’t read yet:
Why Your Instagram Engagement Rate Dropped Off?

With such low engagement rates, you would be asking, what should you do if you’re a small startup with a tight budget? You can’t pay to get seen but still, you want your posts to show up as much as possible.

There are hacks around this. Make sure to try them all to get the best engagement.

Create beautiful and high-quality post.

A beautiful image is definitely going to be more eye-catching.

But posting up a beautiful image alone doesn’t help that much. You need to know your audience, learn about your market and create content suitable for them.

As video content is on the rise, another trick is creating a simple video around your company and products. You don’t need an expensive camera, but a smartphone is enough.

You need to be engaging.

You won’t get high engagement If you’re posting only once in ten days and not interacting much with other users.

You can build up and increase organic engagement by posting consistently and interacting with other users by liking or commenting their posts.

Engage with yourself.

This might sound a little tricky but it works.

Leave something in the comment every time you post a content.

For example:

  • Post a picture with a caption and three to five hashtags. Put other relevant hashtags in the comment box.
  • Post a picture with a caption with all your hashtags. Leave a comment by tagging any accounts related to the post.
  • Post a picture with a caption. Leave about 30 hashtags in the comments and later on, leave another comment by tagging other relevant accounts.

Getting rid of silent followers

As other social media, there is a number of silent accounts who don’t post anything for a long while. There are a lot of fake accounts as well.

Basically, they are not affecting your account that much but if engagement rate is what you’re looking for, then you need to lose them as your followers.

Getting rid of your followers is time-consuming. You may want to check out their profiles and posts before making them unfollow you.

And when you’ve decided, the trick is to block and then unblock them.

Do you have other opinions on how to improve engagement rate on Instagram? Let us know in the comment below!

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