Marketing for your law firm can be an exciting experience. This is your chance to give your firm the exposure it needs to grow and expand. At the same time, you should know that there are certain rules to follow. Legal marketing is very different from marketing for regular businesses. Here is what you should know.

You Need to Know Your Target Audience

The first rule of successful law firm marketing is knowing exactly who your prime audience will be. This is an area that is different than it is for other types of marketing. If you were a cell phone cover supplier, you would be shooting for a certain age and income bracket. But for a law firm, the ground rules are quite otherwise.

For example, if you specialize in worker’s comp, there is no reason to market to an audience that doesn’t need it. If your specialty is estates and trusts, you don’t need to mention auto or truck accidents. You need to appeal to the type of people in your area who are most likely to require the services you provide.

This means that you will need to adjust the focus of your marketing. This will be done to zero in on your precise demographic. The SEO that you use in your content will play a big factor. You will also need to advertise in certain areas, such as legal search sites, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and the like.

You Need to Stay in Full Compliance

Another crucial area where legal marketing is distinct from other types is in compliance. As a law firm practice owner, you will be required to stay within the bounds of certain rules and regulations. The legal marketing strategy that you adopt will need to be predicated on this compliance. Failure to abide by these rules can get you into very serious trouble.

Your best bet is to keep up to date with state and federal regulations regarding legal marketing. You can do so by getting on the web and referencing your state bar and other agencies. Laws in this area are subject to change at any time. For this reason, you need to stay on your toes to make sure you are always in compliance.

The Rules of Branding Are Always Different

One of the most crucial areas to keep in view will be the way that you brand your firm. The rules that govern successful law firm branding are different than they are for other types of businesses. Not only does your marketing content have to be different, but it also needs to be delivered in a very different manner.

Owners of other types of businesses are free to make all kinds of claims. They can claim that their detergent has been shown in “expert studies” to be 70 percent more effective. They can claim that they have the backing of scientists from various state or federal agencies. But no law firm is allowed to do this.

It will be up to you to brand your firm without the help of exaggerated claims. You can’t make use of made-up testimonies. The rules that you must follow are very strict.

Marketing Your Firm is Easier Than Ever

Correctly marketing your legal firm is no great hassle. The rules for doing so are laid out and easy to follow. It will be up to you to make sure that you stay up to date and compliant. Once you do so, you can look forward to giving your firm the exposure it will need to safely grow and expand.

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