Your organization’s success will always depend on the productivity of your employees. Therefore, you need to ensure that all employees are capable to perform in their best capacity.

In order to achieve this, there are some efforts you can’t ignore. Here are some ideas you can follow to help improve your employee’s productivity.

1. Delegation of Authorities and Duties

Every employees have the drive to perform several tasks independently. However, assigning each personnel according to his best capability is significant to gain efficient results.

Delegation of duties is especially common in startup organizations. It is an effective way to boost employee productivity. If you are looking to delegate bigger responsibility, you should assess each employee’s capabilities and task only the capable personnel with handling ‘juniors’.

A leader’s job is not easy. He should be able to manage their co-workers and conducting them to perform better. Thus, improving productivity.

Besides, delegation of roles is also important in ensuring effective business management.

2. Effective Communication

In every organization, there should be adequate provisions that allow effective communication. This communication can be between the management and employees and between the employees themselves.

To achieve this, you should provide various communication channels in your organization, including emails and phone calls. There should also be memos and noticeboards to give every person in the organization a chance to learn about new developments. It is also necessary to establish casual conversations between you and your employees. They help you develop a personal and special bond with them, which helps build their confidence.

3. Set Goals for Your Organization

Your employees will always be productive when having a clear plan in mind. When an organization lacks a purpose, it creates some confusion which could prevent the working process. However, if you set a specific plan, it will set some fire within the employees and, in turn, boost their productivity.

For example, if you are running a clothing factory, a plan with schedule to produce 1,000 units of tshirt a week could lead to a better performance. The schedule will challenge every employees involved to work harder and increase the chance to hit the target. The satisfaction that comes with the achievement could boost the morale of your employees.

However, the target you set should not just be challenging but also realistic. It should not overwork your employees as well.

4. Offer a Reward for Increased Productivity

All people like recognition and praise when they achieve something in life. This will also apply in your work environment. That’s why, rewarding your employees for tasks well done is a motivational deed you can’t disregard.

As an appreciation, you can have a celebratory party with them. You can also reward them with dinner treats or organization outings. Whenever possible, you can include monetary prizes in the rewards. Monetary benefits can be in the form of salary increases and bonuses based on their achievements.

Rewarding employees boosts their morale and makes them improve their efficiency and productivity.

5. Provision of Adequate Incentives

Providing your employees with incentives motivates them and is vital in boosting their productivity. You should not limit the employees’ motivations to monetary rewards alone. Some of the incentives you can offer your employees include paid time off and flexible work hours.

Having flexible work hours is necessary since your employees also have a life out of work. Having time off makes the employees feel appreciated. It allows them to cool down and return to work refreshed and re-energized, leading to improved productivity.

6. Provide Employees with Appropriate Equipment

To increase your employees’ productivity, you should provide them with the best equipment. For example, providing them with the best hardware, software and internet connection can be a good way to help improve their work processes.

You should also conduct regular maintenance for machinery and remove all outdated and obsolete items that frequently break down. Automation improves productivity due to minimized risks, reduced operational costs, saved time, and improved accuracy.

7. Improve Working Conditions

The well-being of your employees are a significant contributor to their productivity. Your company’s output is directly proportional to the working conditions of the employees.

To ensure a good work environment, you should provide facilities that reduce the amount of noise and ensure proper air circulation and proper lighting. If your office space lacks windows or ventilation, consider introducing an office air purifier to improve the air quality in the space.

There should also be safety measures such as emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. Providing your employees with these facilities ensures their safety and helps increase their productivity.


The growth and success of your organization are dependent on employee productivity. Employees who are satisfied with their place of employment will likely perform much better at work.

Pizza parties are not enough, listen to your team members and try to make changes where needed. These tips, when applied effectively, will help you achieve the desired employee productivity improvement.

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