You might have already known that content is an important element for website. Business blogging as one of the content marketing strategy is indispensable for a successful website. Good content will improve search results, generate traffics and increase brand equity.

There are 156 million blogs circulated on the internet recently, with more than 77% of internet users are regular blog readers. So if you own a business and want to boost your online presence, increase traffic and get your website on top of the search results, you have to apply these 10 business blogging tips.

1. Use a good blogging platform
Since your business website is going to be used in long term, a good platform will keep you away from long time headache. WordPress is a trusted blog platform that is easy to install and easy to use. It has came a long way and is supported by large numbers of communities. You can change its layout by installing new theme and expand its features by installing plugins.

2. Create brand consistency
Get your logos and layout ready before publishing. Select colours associated with your brand and apply those colours to all your marketing collaterals. Consistency in visual identity is a must to push your brand and business upfront.

3. Prepare your contents
Before getting your website up and running, you should have planned and prepared contents. Publishing your website or blog without contents is like opening a restaurant without foods. Your guests will come and go out in a few seconds.

4. Provide valuable information
Every contents in your website or blog has to be related to your business, but also interesting for readers. You can write about how your business helps them, product or service tips and tricks, how to, inspirational posts, announcement and events. People only share great and useful posts.

5. Provide links to social media accounts
In website and all marketing materials, include links to all your social media accounts. Since everyone is connected to either Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and other social media, this will let people stay in touch with your business easily. They will be able to see updates by rolling at their account newsfeed.

6. Think about SEO while creating content
Good practice in search engine optimization (SEO) will let your website or blog shine. Plan your keywords first and use them while writing contents. The more frequently you post, the better your rank in search engine. Google knows when a blog is updated frequently or not.

7. Post content regularly
Build your schedule. Regular posts will increase number of returning readers. You don’t have to post everyday, but you can pretty much post an article in two or three days. You’ll need to spare your time for finding keywords, topics or trends, infographics, drafting article and preparing images. Try to make it part of your routine. It will become easier over time.

8. Prepare post images
One way to attract readers is by having great photos. Let it be a big photo to capture the eyes of your audiences. Your images should be related to post topic also. Let them speak and tell the story of the topic.

9. Hold a giveaway contest
Offer free ebook, merchandise, your product or other services that will help your readers. Create the strategy that users need to submit their email addresses when registering for contest. You can use this data for email campaign later.

10. Be creative all the time
One of the best practice in maintaining your content is by providing unique articles to solve various people’s problems. This will inspire them to read your blog and find the answers. Don’t forget to provide something fun as well, to drive people in.

There you are, 10 blogging tips to help your business, woo readers and win customers. Do you have any other business blogging tips to share? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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