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Get Marketing Tips for Your Business!

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How to Market an eCommerce Business

Ecommerce could be one of the most popular online business. As the internet technology in retail web development and payment gateway expands, ecommerce follows to grow significantly in the last decade. Just as in the brick-and-mortar retail stores, ecommerce let merchant display his products online along with their descriptions, specifications and prices, allowing …

5 Important Questions to Answer Before Writing A Business Plan

We all know that some businesses require capital, small or big. Some industries, even require capital-intensive funding to start and operate. A robust and complete business plan for these industries is definitely a very important element. Writing a good business plan is absolutely necessary for any startup, even though you are not in the …

The Positive Value of Customer Criticism

You have made your product ready and your business began to roll. You start to engage your marketing strategy based on what have been written in the business plan. A good marketing strategy has always been focused on the customers. Knowing what your customer wants and build your products according to …

7 Strategic Digital Marketing Channels You Should Know About

Digital Marketing refers to any strategic marketing plan and actions delivered through digital channels or media. And digital channels here are much recognized as internet channels. You can read more about What is Digital Marketing here. There are certainly many tactical activities we can implement through digital channels, but we will focus on …