What is Business Intelligence?

How do I run my business? How do I increase sales? How do I improve customer loyalty? How do I expand my business? As an entrepreneur who is excited in business, these are questions to ask. And, though they sound common for any entrepreneur, still, these are difficult to answer. You need to collect large number …

Cultivating Content Strategy for Social Media

There are so many platforms on the web but nothing creates as much buzz as the social network platforms. It is the only online platform that makes us deliberately willing to be involved with. Before the era of social platform, most of us are not that passionate with getting online. There …

What is CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Finding a new customer is one thing, but keeping them to be your loyal keep-coming-back customer is another thing. That’s the reason a CRM or Customer Relationship Management application is created. Read on to find out what is CRM to use it for your business.

How To Be Financially Stable

So, you have a good job or run a business that is profitable, but you still find this income is not enough to support your life. There may be something wrong with your life style. Read these tips if you plan to change and stay financially stable.